Shveta Bhardwaj

Head of Sustainability Solutions, Tata Consultancy

Shveta Bhardwaj is the Head of Sustainability Services & Solutions, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Asia Pacific (APAC) and is responsible for driving TCS APAC’s sustainability services and solutions across the region. She has extensive experience in driving technology and sustainability initiatives, and her dedication to sustainability, strategic acumen and impactful leadership defines her contributions to TCS APAC.

Shveta has over 5 years of experience leading sustainability projects in TCS. In her role as a Sustainability Consultant from September 2022 to November 2023, Shveta contributed to TCS achieving its Net-Zero emissions target two years ahead of time. Now the Head of Sustainability Services & Solutions at TCS APAC, she is at the forefront of leading TCS in the formulation of sustainability strategy and initiatives. Shveta is simultaneously the Lead of Strategic Initiatives at the APAC President’s Office, with a tenure of over 5 years. In that role, Shveta provides strategic and business support and spearheads special projects.

Prior to joining TCS, Shveta held numerous technology consulting roles in Ernst and Young and Grameen Foundation, developing digital go-to-market strategy and delivering digital transformation projects for clients across multiple industries in the APAC region. Her experience enabled her to carve out a niche at TCS, merging her passion for sustainability and expertise in digital transformation.

She is passionate about empowering women and youth through technology. She plays a key role in TCS Sustainathon, a programme for the youth to collaborate with private companies, non-profit companies and organizations, and government agencies to co-create solutions in response to sustainability challenges