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GLOBAL CSR & ESG Awards 2023™

The Global CSR & ESG Summit and Awards 2024™ is Asia’s most prestigious recognition awards programme for Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG. The programme recognizes and honors companies for outstanding, innovative and world-class products,
services, projects and programmes implemented in the past or present. These projects should demonstrate the company’s leadership, sincerity and on-going commitment in incorporating ethical values, compliance with legal requirements, and respect for individuals, communities and the environment in the way they do business. The award categories for this year are:

Global Category CSR & ESG Award
  • Best Environmental Excellence Award
  • Best Community Programme Award
  • Excellence In Provision Of Literacy & Education Award
  • Empowerment of Women Award
  • Best Workplace Practices
  • Product Excellence Award
  • CSR & ESG Leadership Award
  • Best CEO
  • Best CFO
  • Best Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Team
Country Awards Category

Best Country Award for Overall CSR Excellence & ESR Award

Middle East

Companies can enter as many projects as they wish in one or more of these categories. The winning company is simply one of which the opinion of the judges, best meets the criteria for each category.

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