Gap Analysis and Assessment

Companies are encouraged to furnish a comprehensive analysis of their ongoing projects and operational practices. This enables them to align and benchmark against
international standards, embracing the best practices in CSR and ESG. The analysis
encompasses the following key components below

Gap Analysis Report
  • A detailed report on the current performances of your CSR projects
  • Gaps identified between your current performance and your desired outcome
  • Implications of the gaps from a management and stakeholder perspective
  • Corrective actions, resources and timelines
  • High, medium and low prioritization of action points
Visualisation Scorecard
  • Current performance against the desired target
  • Comparative performance against your peers
  •  Progress over time for multi-year projects
  • Issues and opportunities in project design
  • Maximising successful implementation
  • Measuring inputs, outputs and outcomes

The Gap Analysis process will undergo thorough evaluation based on specific, meticulously defined criteria. This assessment aims to oer companies a comprehensive and
granular review of their CSR initiatives, delving into the intricate details of their performance. The primary goal is to equip companies with a nuanced understanding of their
strengths and weaknesses in environmental stewardship, social impact, and governance

The assessment and performance collects data on a company’s CSR performance which
is assessed according to:

  • Statement of the projects aims and purpose
  • Evidence of management performance
  • Clarity, completeness, and quality of performance measurement

Projects are measured and graded against desired outcomes, peer performance, and local and international indicators.

All projects are also measured for their performance against the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs).

Written below are the components to be included in the Report:

  • Aims, Scope and ambition of the project
  • Impact of the project on target stakeholders
  • Sustainability of the project in terms of resources and management
  • Innovativeness of the project
  • Value-added to your organisation
  • Alignment of the project with the SDGs
  • Measurement indicators and clarity of reporting project outcomes

Curious about submitting a gap analysis report? Explore our pricing options for
submission fees!

  •  Single Project assessment – USD$500
  • Multiple project assessment across your full CSR programme – USD$1,000
  • Full company environmental, social and governance gap analysis against local and international standards and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – USD$5,000
  • Consultation with strategic advisors on CSR development – USD$100 per hour

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