Lokender Singh

Co-Founder & CEO, Nutri-Buddy Pte Ltd
Mr Lokender Singh has been at the forefront of innovation and capability development for 15 years across a diverse range of projects and industries. With a mission to bring health and wellness to society, he is the co-founder and CEO of Nutri-Buddy Pte Ltd, a company dedicated to creating sustainable nutrition access for 3 generations of people, in the form of curated and enhanced ready-to-eat meals. These meals are available for self-selection in main, beverages, and snacks to create combos via a data-driven and AI enhanced network of smart vending machines connect by a just-in-time supply chain.

Lokender holds an Executive MBA from the National University of Singapore and is passionate about connecting the dots between strategic imperatives and ground experience and innovation in areas such as food sustainability and security, particularly in the regional context of an ageing population and the opportunity to integrate wellness structures into smart towns that drive an enduring culture of healthy living.

As a testbed and prelude to Nutri-Buddy, Lokender founded Gum-Ma Soybean for data analytics and insights to establish a focus of sustainability in nutrition and setting metric to measure ROI. In Gum-Ma Soybean, he strived to prove that nutrition and sustainability can be created from a few humble ingredients such as the soybean and that sustainability. Lokender is known for his strong skills in new business development, strategic communications, corporate leadership, and team communication. He is a firm believer in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, integrating them into his business as first principle to make an enduring impact on the sustainability landscape.

Driven by his passion for innovation and wellness, Lokender continues to lead Nutri-Buddy and Gum-Ma Soybean, inspiring change and making a positive difference in the community.