Lim Siang Meng

Project Development Director, SUEZ (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Mr. Lim Siang Meng brings over 25 years of invaluable experience and expertise to the forefront of his leadership roles. With a robust background in various capacities, he has honed his skills in M&A, strategic partnerships, foreign direct investments, venture capital investments, and infrastructure development and investments.

Known for his strategic acumen and people-centric approach, Siang Meng is recognized as an entrepreneurial-minded individual with a cross-disciplinary ability that spans across different business areas. His extensive portfolio includes expertise in Foreign Direct Investment, Venture Capital Investment, Fund Management, Deal Structuring, Strategic Collaboration Development with partners, and Sustainability and Infrastructure Development across the region.

Siang Meng’s proficiency extends to areas such as investment structuring, energy solutions, and partnerships, particularly in Oman, China, and Southeast Asian countries. His keen understanding of market dynamics and proven track record of successful ventures make him a valuable asset in driving growth and innovation.