Dr Ir. William L Nolten

Business Development Director, ReXil Asia

William’s educational background, business experience, and genuine concern for the environmental and social well-being of rural communities set the stage for developing a Circular Bioeconomy model that addressed the agronomic and economic sustainability requirements. This model, combined with an in-depth knowledge of agriculture, aquaculture, natural food supplements, and herbal pharmaceuticals, has enabled him to establish one of the most successful commercial projects in the SE Asia region.

William was awarded twice, in 2007 and 2009, for the best-performing Agroforestry Circular Bioeconomy projects in Indonesia. He became “researcher of the year” in Miami, USA (World Americas 2009) for his World-renowned cutting-edge, groundbreaking, pioneering research in Agroforestry Circular Bioeconomy Development. In 2013, William received the best “Technology for People’s Welfare” award from the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural R&D. His continuous successes throughout all these years reflect his commitment to the Forestry and Agriculture communities in SE Asia.