Rob Hulme

CEO and Group Director of The Boralis Group

Rob is a global agribusiness executive who is passionate about our food system and still likes to get his hands dirty.

He is the CEO and Group Director of The Boralis Group, an advisory firm that brings together a unique combination of practical domain knowledge, diverse operational experience and deep industry networksto build and scale sustainable Food Systems. Core focus areas include (animal) welfare and waste asset management (circular economy). The Boralis Group also provides agribusiness Growth Services for companies scaling novel and disruptive solutions through market entry, portfolio strategy and growth capital with M&A partners.

Rob previously worked with Bayer CropScience for 26 years across various functions in Australia, Europe, Vietnam, China and Singapore. In 2018 he cofounded Beanstalk Agtech, focused on enterprise innovation and startups. Rob’s a leader who recognises that bringing teams of smart people together usually gets better results, focusing on strengths and driving outcomes. He is also passionate about helping grow the next crop of entrepreneurial young leaders in Food and Agriculture. He spends his time between Singapore and Sydney.