Prof. Dr. Richard Hames

Richard Hames

Founder & Executive Director, Centre for The Future and Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science

Dr. Richard Hames is an Australian citizen – founder of the Centre for the Future and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science. He lives in the far northeast of Thailand where his family are subsistence rice farmers. Richard is an international authority on the state of the world and global trends. He also has a reputation as the world’s most accurate futurist. Richard provides intelligence and advice to leaders on all five continents. His awareness of what is happening, his knowledge of the patterns that really matter, his ability to peel away those things that can so easily distract us, together with his understanding of where opportunities still abound, is simply incomparable. As a successful entrepreneur and mentor he knows business and government inside-out. And he is courted internationally for his guidance as a result.