Mr Nick Piggot

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Nutrition Technologies

Nick is the industry-side face of Nutrition Technologies, overseeing the product, regulatory & client side of the business, ensuring that the organization maintains constant awareness of the competitive & regulatory landscape, market trends, technology developments and industry standards. Responsible for ensuring that the company always has access to the latest technology and a global understanding of the industry.

Previous to setting-up Nutrition Technologies, Nick worked in international development, spending 3 years in Sierra Leone, West Africa. In his role at the UN in West Africa he became acutely aware of the looming protein gap facing the livestock industry, and thus future food security. Identifying insects as a sustainable solution to the challenge, he co-founded the company with his UN colleague Tom Berry in 2015. Recognising that village-scale & community led systems would be insufficient to make an impact, they developed the foundations for industrial-scale production over 3 years in Vietnam, then moved the business to Malaysia in 2018 and commercialized the technology in 2019.

Nick has a BSc in Life Sciences and has always had a strong interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. Establishing Sierra Leone’s first boutique coffee shop in 2014 (which is still in business today) gave him the opportunity to build something from scratch. Using this experience, he moved to Vietnam in 2015 to form Nutrition Technologies, where he was a global finalist in the Fish2.0competition in San Francisco in 2017, and the Tech 4 Farmers Competition in Bangkok 2018