Mihir Pershad

Founder & CEO of Umami Meats

Mihir Pershad is Founder & CEO of Umami Meats, where he is building a team developing delicious, affordable, sustainable cultivated seafood that is better for our health, our oceans, and our future.

Mihir has an academic background in protein biochemistry and has spent his career working to commercialize deep tech innovations to address humanity’s grand challenges. Most recently, he was a Venture Partner at Early Charm Ventures, where he led the commercialization of university spinouts at the intersection of biotechnology and aquaculture. Mihir is also author of Cultivated Abundance, a book that outlines a framework for entrepreneurs to leverage transformative technologies to build an inspiring, abundant future for humanity.

In his free time, Mihir enjoys climbing mountains, scuba diving, and exploring the remote and wild corners of the world.