Luke Tay

Independent Futurist, Strategist & Future Food Systems Advocate
Singapore Futures Fellow, Lee Kuan Yew School Executive Education programme (adjunct)

Before launching an independent strategic foresight practice in 2021, Luke served for two decades across a breadth of leadership, corporate governance, policy, planning, operations, international relations, infrastructure and human capital development roles in the agrifood and transport sectors of Singapore’s public service.

Luke believes intensely in the power of foresight to spark technological, policy, enterprise and social innovation, frame new paradigms, and build impactful coalitions for the future-ready transformation of organisations, governments, and wider ecosystems. His domain focus includes the futures of food-energy-water, transport and urban systems, the future of Southeast Asia and the wider Indo-Pacific, and the future of international development and transnational collaboration – in the context of disruptive technology, fraught geopolitics and unsettled earth systems. Luke’s topical work projects have addressed future air transport scenarios; food production and supply futures; the conceptualisation of food-smart cities with optimised circularity, resource take, and nutritional outcomes; food (mis)information and hybrid conflict; and technological imperatives for the future food system – including blue economy futures and the prospects for terraforming, geoengineering, and bioengineering.

Luke holds a BA in History and International Relations and an MA in Political Science, summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Member of the World Futures Studies Federation, and a Global Advisory Board member of the Philippine Futures Thinking Society.