Kim Francois

Executive Director of BeLuxCham Vietnam 

Kim Francois is the Executive Director of BeLuxCham Vietnam. After having worked and lived in China for almost 13 years, Kim moved to Vietnam during the summer of 2022 and uses her work experience of 10+ years as Managing Director of Materialise. Materialise, one of the world leaders in 3D imaging and 3D printing, has been one of the leading innovative enterprises to implement 3D printing for sustainable manufacturing in all industries. Before joining BeLuxCham, Kim was the Global Business Development Director of HeyGears, one of the fastest growing Chinese companies using Industry 4.0 technologies to transform healthcare into a sustainable industry that provides customized solutions for all its customers. Kim uses her former working experience and focus on sustainability to bring growth to the Belgium and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. BeLuxCham positions itself as one of the leading business associations in ESG. The combination of the expertise of its members, as well as Kim’s 14+ year focus on sustainable manufacturing will provide meaningful insights into ESG applications in Vietnam. 

Kim has an MBA from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and has a major in sinology at the University of Leuven.