Dominique Kull

Co-Founder and CEO, SGProtein

Dominique is a passionate international leader with a proven track record in the food technology space for over 20 years and a background in mechanical engineering and business administration. His interest in scaling businesses and supporting them in taking the step form concept stage and pilot plants to an industrial-sized food processing business has led him to co-found SGProtein. Here, he combines his experience from working with start-ups, SMEs and MNCs. His ambition with SGProtein is to democratize food manufacturing, which will allow companies of all sizes access to large-scale local processing, providing them economic viability. And with this, making delicious and healthy meat alternatives widely available at a cost-competitive price to Asian consumers will become a reality.

Having worked on 4 continents in over 10 countries, he values and celebrates cultural diversity. This resonates well with him being a people person who loves to connect and collaborate with people around the world