Steven Baker

Practice Leader, Commercial Advisory at DT Global

Steven is Practice Leader, Commercial Advisory at DT Global. DT Global is a global international development firm, majority owned by a charitable trust and committed to pioneering a new model of development. Partnering with a variety of non-government and government partners DT Global currently works with communities in 93 countries strengthening capacities and enabling environments, promoting private sector investment, and enhancing business values.

Leveraging DT Global’s networks, methodologies and in‐house data analytical capabilities Steven works with partners to support their sustainability goals. His focus is in designing strategies to deliver on shareholder and stakeholder impact and to support markets adapting in the face of shifting global and local supply chain realities because of pandemic disruptions and clean energy transitions.

Steven has over 19 years’ experience specializing in participatory stakeholder engagement approaches, strategic risk, impact measurement, program investment and providing advice on local economic development. He views ESG as going beyond compliance requirements and being central to business identity and core to business model improvement.