Prof. Dr Martin Blake

Director Speaker And Mentor With Specialist Expertise In Board Direction, Governance And Futuring, Blake Advisory Pte Ltd

Dr Martin Blake is an award-winning visionary thought leader and strategist with 35 years practical experience at an executive level. He is a company director, speaker and mentor with specialist expertise in board direction, governance and futuring. He holds a working portfolio of board directorships and advisory roles encompassing the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. He is the owner of Blake Advisory, a Strategic Partner at IAQ Consultants, an Associate Director of Future Smart Strategies, a Non-Executive Director of Sabien Technology and PearTrack Security Systems Inc, and a Strategic Advisor to the Board of The Carbon Reduction Institute.

Dr Blake chairs and advises a multitude of strategic groups, all focused on the development and deployment of innovative business models. He is an Adjunct Professor of Sustainable Business Development at both Griffith University and the University of Southern Queensland, and is also a Visiting Fellow at the Business School of the University of Hull in the UK. Dr Blake is internationally recognised as having designed and deployed one of the most successful organizational change management programmes in the world, saving millions of pounds annually and winning multiple National and International awards.