Dr Anthony Davies

Chief Executive Officer, Bio2pure

Tony has been in the field of biological products for treatment of waste streams for over 20 years. He obtained his PhD in 1983 for research into hyaluronic acid, an important compound in mammalian connective tissue. Employed by an international inspection company, he rose to the position of Commercial Director where he was instrumental in launching companies in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. In 1998, he established Organica (UK) Ltd., importing biological products from various countries for use in degrading grease and fat. He set up his own manufacturing facility, developing formulations for the bacterial based products and also a complete range of plant based household cleaning products. The products have been used in Europe, Australia, the Americas, Middle East and Asia. These products are utilised in various sectors, including Retail, Marine/cruise line industry, Fast food chains, Bioremediation of contaminated land, ponds, lakes and fisheries, Wastewater treatment and Institutional/washroom. Whilst supplying products to treat sewage, industrial chemical effluents, food-based effluents and grease traps, Tony has developed unique dosing systems to treat small and large volumes. In addition to the water borne contaminants, products have been developed to treat land contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, tar, polychlorinated biphenyls and poly aromatic hydrocarbons.