Diane Le Goff

Global Leader Youth Education & Entrepreneurship CSR programs, Schneider Electric

Diane Le Goff, is an experienced manager in sourcing, structuring, managing development projects with multiple international public and private stakeholders. She is currently based in Vietnam as the Global Manager of the Youth Education & Entrepreneurship CSR programs for Schneider Electric. The program works on strengthening technical and vocational education, supporting the integration of women in the energy field and encouraging innovation. She leads the strategy and implementation to reach the 2025 worldwide ambitions: training 1 million youth, training 10 000 trainers and supporting 10 000 entrepreneurs. For the last 9 years she has held several positions in sustainable development at Schneider Electric, being based in France, Senegal and Vietnam; and has developed a strong expertise around ESG strategy definition and implementation with a specific knowledge on social impact.