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Summit & Awards Overview
JW Marriot , Hanoi Vietnam

The world’s leading thought Leadership event on CSR– THE GLOBAL CSR & ESG SUMMIT & AWARDS 2022™ will host the 14th year in 2022 as a physical event. With the 2021 edition turning virtual, the 2022 event will return to the physical event format on 3 November 2022. At the 2021 virtual event, we unveiled the new event Global ESG Awards logo which will reinforce the longstanding Global CSR Summit & Awards to the new event branding: “THE GLOBAL CSR & ESG SUMMIT & AWARDS 2022™.”

In 2021, where the world was focused on overcoming and adapting to the prolonged impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, new challenges emerged on the economic and geopolitical fronts with global inflation and the Russian military aggression on Ukraine, threatening to derail the much-anticipated recovery needed to alleviate the tremendous hardship faced by communities affected by the pandemic.

On the environmental front, following the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, 2022 is set to be a critical year for climate change. At the landmark event, governments and businesses had committed ambitious plans to decarbonise. The real challenge remains on the extent these pledges would be fulfilled.

Fortunately, several positive developments have emerged with many companies adopting net zero targets on top of increased regulatory requirements around the world seeking mandatory disclosure on climate risks. In Asia alone, countries like Singapore, India and China have either proposed or implemented some form of climate related reporting. Against such positive momentum, it would not be too far-fetched to see net zero as being the norm and expectations among consumers and corporate practice in the near future.

Increased regulations will push companies to focus on the social factor in ESG. Companies will come to realise that in order to meet the environmental targets set in COP26, they will have to work closely with local communities and farmers including with vendors in their supply chains as climate issues are intricately linked to a myriad of stakeholders and systems.

The climate change situation today has also created immediate existential issues for the human race in terms of food security. The World Bank has recently announced that overfishing is among the biggest challenges threatening the health of the world’s oceans, the livelihoods of millions living in coastal communities, the seafood and related industries, not to mention the threat to food sufficiency for the human race.

The theme of this year’s event, “BEYOND NET ZERO & ESG” will inspire participants to discuss and discover ESG and CSR strategies by corporations and stakeholders. The conference will also focus on how the challenges facing us today will inevitably hasten the pace for climate friendly solutions and technologies including electric vehicles, high tech farming, sustainable supply chains and nature-based solutions. Throughout history, whenever humanity is faced with tremendous challenges and unexpected upheavals, the speed of creativity and innovation accelerates, ensuring the survival and resilience of our human race.

The 14th ANNUAL 2022 GLOBAL CSR & ESG SUMMIT & AWARDS™ will invite some of the thought leaders of our time from various industries to share some of the most innovative ideas for environmental protection, community empowerment, gender equality and workplace diversity, supply chain transparency, corporate transparency, brand activism and technology for social good. Joined by hundreds of senior executives and CSR & ESG professionals from the region and the rest of the world, this event promises to be another unforgettable experience for everyone. Lastly, as always, we will conclude the conference with our signature touch on day two which will be a memorable eco tour.

See you my friends!

Guest of Honour
Director of Auscham Vietnam and Chairman of the Marvin Group
Distinguished Speakers
Director Speaker And Mentor With Specialist Expertise In Board Direction, Governance And Futuring, Blake Advisory Pte Ltd
Founder & Executive Director, Centre for The Future and Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science
Director, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversey, Inc
Founder and Director of Williams Business Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Chief Executive Officer, Bio2pure
Chief Technology, QUBE Renewables Ltd
Dean, Swiss Institute Of Management And Innovation
Head of CSR, UPL group
Principal, Head Of ESG at AC Ventures
Manager, Sustainability & ESG Strategy, Baring Private Equity Asia
ESG Advisory and Solutions Global Lead at UL
Head of ESG and Impact at Antler
Global Leader Youth Education & Entrepreneurship CSR programs, Schneider Electric
Co-Founder & Director of Zigma Global Environ Solutions Private Limited
Director of Corporate and Business Development – KinderWorld Vietnam
Deputy Director of Corporate and Business Development – KinderWorld Vietnam
Director of Project Management – Pegasus Investment and Consultancy
Practice Leader, Commercial Advisory at DT Global
Senior Manager of Risk Assurance Business Solution practices at PWC (Vietnam) Limited
Manager of Science and Management Quality - Institute of Science Technology and Environment - Vietnam Cooperative Alliance
Waste & Circular Economy Officer - UNDP
Vinamilk Category Marketing Director
Cultural Tour Partner
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