Day 1
16 Nov 2021

Creating Successful Leaders & Companies Through CSR Personality Branding

A survey has shown that 44% of staff will feel more loyalty towards CEO if taken a stand on contentious issue versus 19% who did not. 47% think CEOs should...
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Ricky Tan
Niko Safavi

Concluding Panel Discussion: 2021 – Where Are We On Tackling The Global Waste Problem & Creating A Circular Economy?

China and the global plastic waste problem How are countries and companies tackling this issue?
Dr Medha Tadpatrikar
Day 2
17 Nov 2021

Integrated Reporting – Communicating and Reporting to International Standards

9.00-9.15 Introductions & Welcome Part 1: Introduction to Integrated Reporting The Integrated Reporting or <IR> approach is becoming the best practice standard for sustainability reporting. Large companies across Asia are...
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Prof. Dr Geoffrey Williams
Day 3
18 Nov 2021

Differentiating Your Sustainability Reports

9.00-9.15 Introductions & Welcome Part 1: Sustainability Reports – Concepts and Frameworks The biggest challenge for many Sustainability Reporting professionals is to differentiate their Sustainability Reporting initiatives from their competitors...
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Prof. Dr Geoffrey Williams