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Hanoi To Host The 12th Global CSR Summit & Awards™ And The Global Good Governance Awards™ On 5-6 March 2020 , JW Marriot Hotel Hanoi , Vietnam.

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The world’s leading thought Leadership event on CSR– THE GLOBAL CSR SUMMIT & AWARDS™ & THE GLOBAL GOOD ™ returns for the 12th consecutive time.  Previously, hosted in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and indonesia, the 2020 edition will be located in Hanoi, Vietnam, famously known as the land of the “ascending dragon’.

The 2020 GLOBAL CSR SUMMIT & AWARDS™ together with THE GLOBAL Good GOVERNANCE AWARD™ will invite some of the thought leaders of our time from various industries to share some of the most innovative ideas for environmental protection, community empowerment, gender equality and workplace diversity, supply chain transparency, corporate transparency, brand activism and technology for social good. Joined by hundreds of senior executives and CSR professionals from the region and the rest of the world at the luxurious setting of JW Marriot, Hanoi, this event promises to be an another unforgettable experience for everyone. On 6 March, the second day of the event, the organisers have put together a historical eco tour of Hanoi to include famous places of interests such as Halong Bay.  Delegates will also get to visit some of the more iconic CSR projects by leading corporations in Vietnam.

The Global CSR Awards™ and The Good Governance Awards™ continuously attract a strong following of over 400 global and regional companies year after year, in submitting their nominations for the coveted award. Only about 100 companies will be shortlisted and a selected few will win the coveted award that spans across 8 categories.  Melvin Chan, Global Events Director of The Global CSR Summit & Awards commented: “The Global CSR Summit & Awards has withstood the test of time and it has emerged as the de-facto event for the CSR & Corporate Governance Community.  No one event has been so widely supported by so many respected companies from around the world including some of the Fortune 500 companies. We look forward to a new experience with our delegates in Hanoi.”

The theme of this year’s event, “building a value based world” aims to bring together conference participants, thought leaders, corporate leaders and civil society activists to exchange ideas and work together on meaningful projects from a ground up approaches based on values that serves the goals of sustainability, ecology and humanity.  Issues such as climate change, plastic waste, human trafficking and acute poverty would be discussed and tackled.

Dr Richard Hames, a much sought after speaker and acclaimed futurist will deliver the keynote address.  Dr Hames has been credited with his prediction on the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre and many predictions on military, societal and ecological trends.


The confirmed speakers are:


-Dr Richard Hames, Founder & Executive Director , Center for the Future and Fellow, World Academy of

Art & Science

-Dr Martin Blake , Director Speaker And Mentor With Specialist Expertise In Board Direction,

Governance And Futuring, Blake Advisory Pte Ltd

-YBHG Dato Issac Lugun, Dato Issac Lugun, Group Managing Director, Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad

-Prof Dr Geoffery Williams , Founder and Director of Williams Business Consultancy Sdn Bhd

-Mr Jimmy Pham , Founder of KOTO (Know One, Teach One) (Tedx Speaker)

-Mr Stefan Phang, Director, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility , Diversys Inc (Tedx Speaker)

-Mr Doug Woodring, Founder , Managing Director, Ocean Recovery Alliance (Tedx Speaker)

-Ms Carol Mortensen , Executive Director , Hagar International Vietnam

-Mr Bernard Creed , Senior Vice President – Finance (Retail & Leisure), Dubai Duty Free

-Mr Paul Choo, VP , CHRO (HR & CSR Division), Bridgestone China and Asia Pacific

-Mr Ricky Tan , Chairman , Chairman and CEO of Kinderworld International Group

-Ms Nini Sumohandoyo, Sharia , Government Relations and Community Investment Director, Prudential


-Mr Collin Adams, Vice President, Asia Pacific – Cardno International Development

-Mr Ralph Dixion , Director of Environmental Investments, YTL Corporations Berhad

-Mr Niko Safavi ,Chief Executive Officer, PT Mowilex

-Ms Akanshah Sharma, Head of Community Impact & Sustainability, Sterlite Technologies Ltd

-Mr Mark Tom Mulingbayan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Manila Water Company

-Dr Medha Tadpatrikra, Director of Mantraa Research & Consultants Pvt Ltd, Phoenix General Insurance

Brokers Pvt Ltd and Rudra Environmental Solutions (India) Ltd


The award categories in The Global CSR AwardsTM and The Global Good Governance AwardsTM 2020 are:


The Global CSR Awards 2020


(A) Global Category

  1. Best Environmental Excellence Award
  2. Best Community Programme Award
  3. Excellence In Provision Of Literacy & Education Award
  4. Empowerment of Women Award
  5. Best Workplace Practices
  6. CSR Leadership Award
  7. Product Excellence Award

(B) Country Awards Category


Best Country Award for Overall CSR Excellence

  1. Singapore
  2. Malaysia
  3. Thailand
  4. Indonesia
  5. Middle East
  6. Cambodia
  7. Vietnam
  8. Myanmar

Global Good Governance Awards

  1. The Best Chief Executive Officer Award
  2. The Best Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Award
  3. The Best Governed and Transparent Company Award

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