About the Awards

The 11th Annual Global CSR Summit And Awards 2019™ & The Good Governance Awards™ 2019

The Global CSR Awards 2019™

The Global CSR Awards 2019 is Asia’s Most Prestigious Recognition Awards programme for Corporate Social Responsibility. The programme recognizes and honors companies for outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programmes implemented in the past or present. These projects should demonstrate the company’s leadership, sincerity and on-going commitment in incorporating ethical values, compliance with legal requirements, and respect for individuals, communities and the environment in the way they do business. The Award categories for this year are:

Global Category

  • Best Environmental Excellence Award
  • Best Community Programme Award
  • Excellence In Provision Of Literacy & Education Award
  • Empowerment of Women Award
  • Best Workplace Practices
  • CSR Leadership Award
  • Product Excellence Award

Country Awards Category

Best Country Award for Overall CSR Excellence

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Cambodia
  • Middle East


Companies can enter as many projects as they wish in one or more of these categories. The winning company,regardless of size, is simply one of which the opinion of the judges, best meets the criteria for each category.
  • Best Environmental Excellence Award

    The company that has successfully implemented a major project or programme in areas such as: Energy Efficiency, Extended Product Responsibility, Green Product Design, Waste Reduction, Sustainable Business Practices and Water Conservation. The company that has integrated environmental performance into its sustainable development strategy and has delivered proven business benefits.

  • Best Community Programme Award

    The company that has successfully implemented a community project that has resulted in poverty alienation, better education, business growth or community engagement. Does the company believe in creating educational opportunities for those who don’t have them or helping individuals to escape from poverty? How well does the company back up its beliefs and commitment to the community? How sustainable is the project or programme?

  • Excellence In Provision Of Literacy & Education Award

    This award will be given to the company that has implemented a project designed specifically toward large scale literacy and education improvements among children and adults with sustainable and long term benefits.

  • Empowerment of Women Award

    This award will be given to individuals or companies that have implemented programs committed to women’s empowerment and welfare with immediate or long term positive effects in terms of gender equality, economic improvements and cultural biases.

  • Best Workplace Practices

    This category includes employee ownership plans. The company will have policies and programmes in place that show the respect they have for their employees and how much they value them. How far has the company gone to take care of its employees? Dependence care, layoffs, health provisions and employee training are some of the areas that will be looked at. Privacy at work, improving quality of life at work, fostering lifelong learning and the implementation of employee ownership plans are also examples of good practice.

  • CSR Leadership Award

    This award will be given to an individual or organization who has contributed to the promotion of all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility, including the environment, sustainability, community partnerships, education and poverty alienation to name but a few.

  • Product Excellence Award

    This award will be given to companies that has created products that have brought alive positive impact to societies while contributing positively to the organizer’s bottom line.

  • Award Ceremony

    The Award Ceremony will take place during the summit on 4 April 2019. Hundreds of senior executives and professionals of corporate social responsibility from government, business and civil society from the region, and the media will be present.

  • Selection Process

    There will be an in-depth search and selection process for the awards comprising the generation of entries, initial screening, comments by advisors and final judging.

  • The Judging Panel

    The judging panel is made up of internationally recognized and respected judges from a variety of industry sectors and disciplines. The panel has been carefully selected to ensure a fair and objective selection process.
    The judges are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement and are required to declare any conflict of interest in entries over which they deliberate. They will be asked to step aside should this scenario arise.

  • Generating Entries

    Companies from all over the region are encouraged to nominate themselves and enter their favorite projects or programmes. There is no limit to the number of entries per company.

    Regional and international organizations, including NGOs, advertising agencies, management consultants and suppliers of products and services are also invited to nominate companies in the Award categories for specific projects, programmes and services that showcase their CSR commitment.

Judging Criteria

Each submission must include the following information: (DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION : 1st March 2019) Nomination Fee: USD 813

1. Credit will be given to companies that report their CSR activities openly and clearly within the context of a recognised CSR Reporting framework such as the GRI-G3.

2. Credit will be given to companies that can demonstrate independent assurance or verification of the impact of their CSR programmes from third parties.

3. Credit will be given to companies which are signatories or supporters of international CSR frameworks such as the UN Global Compact or the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and which demonstrate a clear commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities under these frameworks.

4. Preference will be given to long-term programmes which address as wide a range of stakeholders as possible through useful, innovative and meaningful CSR activities that make a real difference to the environment or to the communities which they touch.

5. For new or start-up projects, companies are encouraged to show how the projects will build into longer term programmes and credit will be given to clearly identified sustainability features in the design of the project.

Each submission must include the following information:
Nomination Fee: USD 813

The Global Good Governance Awards™

The Global Good Governance Awards™ 2019 is a high profile international recognition award event held in conjunction to the Global CSR Summit to recognise companies and public institutions with the highest standards in governance, transparency and performance.

  • Best CEO
  • Best CFO
  • Best Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Team
  • Best Governed & Transparent Company


  • Best CEO

    The CEO is the face of the company to all the employees, shareholders and stakeholders. The CEO should be in principle, a separate person persons, to ensure an appropriate balance of power, increased accountability and greater capacity of the Board for independent decision making. Much is dependent on the CEO’s capability, management skills and discretion to lead the company. 

    The award for Best CEO goes to a person who represents the makings of an effective Board leader:

    • Performance orientated
      Significant results is achieved by the CEO during his term through deliberate strategies and processes implemented while upholding high standards of corporate governance.
    • Leadership Qualities
      Ensure effective communications with shareholders and staff with the vision to build a sustainable organization. Ability to inspire and led the organisation in good and bad times.
    • Talent Management Strategies
      Aligning individual goals with corporate strategy, linking advancement and succession processes, nurturing talent and creativity
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
      Shows strong commitment in word and in deed to the practice of CSR and Sustainability in the company (community outreach programmes, positive environmental practices, volunteerism, good workplace practices)
  • Best CFO

    Today, the role of the chief financial officer (CFO) is under greater scrutiny both internally and externally. CFOs face never ending pressure to cut costs, grow revenue, and ensure control. The CFO is a company’s financial leader and it is often his/her mandate to figure out the company’s funding requirements.

    • Financial Disclosure, Transparency and Good Corporate Governance
      A leading driver and exemplary figure in advocating and implementing organizational accountability and transparency. Sets and maintains high standards of disclosure and financial reporting.
    • Excellence in Financial Performance and Capital Adequacy
      Strong track record in achieving strong financial performance while ensuring sufficient capital adequacy. Demonstrated consistency in performance including innovativeness and astuteness in financial markets instruments and vehicles while ensuring effective compliance and transparency to financial reporting, regulatory developments and capital requirements.
  • Best Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Team

    There are times that the corporate communications team is entrusted with the daunting task of coordinating sound and timely corporate messages in response to situations that affect the interest of the company.

    This award recognizes the best corporate communications team that helps the company achieve its goal in communicating with investors, the media, stakeholders and the communities they operate in.

    •  Communication & Investor Relations Skills

      1. Effective, timely and accurate communication and dissemination of information to stakeholders, media and the community.
      2. Effectiveness in dealing with crisis situations through a well planned and executed strategy.
      3. New and innovative initiatives to enhance company’s communication to stakeholders.
      4. Able to achieve and sustain positive brand and corporate image to investors and consumers through specific strategies.
  • Best Governed & Transparent Company

    This award recognises companies who are exceptional in many important corporate performance indicators, corporate governance, transparency and risk management. The Board and management takes a broad view across multiple indicators both in financial and non financial aspects resulting in robust economic performance both in good and bad times. The company practices a culture of openness and transparency across all levels of the organisation and practices a high degree of ethics in the marketplace.

How are our Crystal Awards made?

The crystal used in our awards and trophies is 100% lead free. The absence of lead makes the crystal extremely hard. Because of its toughness, it allows us to polish it to flawlessly smooth surfaces as well as cutting and bevelling it into brilliant edges. The crystal is produced in sheets of molten material up to 3 inches thick and before it hardens, it is subjected to extreme pressure and extremely high temperature of 1600 degrees to remove any air bubbles, inclusions or flaws.

Crystal without lead is not any less valuable than full lead crystal particularly when it is thick, heavy and finely designed. Our crystal awards manifest the ultimate recognition of excellence and appreciation. Crystal, with its exceptionally high perceived value, has been sought after and treasured for generations, and remains a status symbol even today.

The Global CSR Award Trophy – A Master Crafted Design

The Global CSR 2019 Award is made of the highest quality crystals, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen each with a minimum of 20 years of experience. The customised design made exclusively for the Global CSR Awards by Singapore’s top Crystal Specialist; Garden Home Crystal Palace, features the 3D image of The Pinnacle Group International’s Eagle emblem perching above planet Earth. These rare images are created using the latest 3D lasering techniques on the purest and highest quality crystals in Asia. The Global CSR Award trophy remains one of the world’s most exquisite and coveted trophy in the World’s CSR profession.

The design of a soaring Eagle above planet Earth symbolises the character and values of the winners of this prestigious award. Qualities and values such as vision and strength as presided by the Eagle, hovering and setting its sights in protecting the inhabitants and endowments of planet Earth.

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Submission Materials
(Closing date: 1 March 2019)

After submission of nomination form and receipt of nomination fees, we will direct you to our online awards system for submission of your nomination materials.

We WILL NOT accept submissions via email or entertain submissions if the nomination fee is not received.

  • Up to 1000 words outline of the reasons why the nominee deserves to be
    recognised with a CSR Summit Award, highlighting any relevant, unique
    or outstanding characteristics based on the key criteria for the Award
    category entered.
  • All documents including photos MUST be sent in PDF format. We will not
    accept documents sent in other formats

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