A New Era of Corporate Responsibility & Activism

Pullman Kuching, Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia

The Global CSR Summit & Awards™ returns for the 11th year after a memorable celebration at Lombok in 2018. The 11th Global CSR Summit & Awards with The Global Good Governance Awards™ has chosen Sarawak, Malaysia as the 2019 event destination. Also known as the Land of the Hornbills, Sarawak is renowned for its beautiful scenery and rich eco-system.

2017/2018 have seen unprecedented changes in the global scene especially in the realm of politics, society, economics and the environment. On the political and economic front, the effects of the new US Presidency has reverberated across the globe, disrupting the current world order. On the societal front, there is a fightback against repressive regimes, inequalities and sexism. With regards to the environment, the world has come to the realisation of the harmful and potentially irreversible effects of plastic waste pollution with Europe taking the lead in implementing the ban on plastics.

The events of the past year have undoubtedly tested companies in a number of ways and changed mainstream discourse about the role corporations should play in advancing and addressing social and global challenges. Recent incidences involving large corporations on issues on racism and sexism in the workplace, data privacy leaks and the misuse of personal information have dominated corporate affairs in 2018. In some instances, certain corporate executives have stepped up and taken a larger role in influencing positive change in society and using corporate resources as a force for good. In fact, CSR has taken a dominant role in Boardroom strategy, energising and enhancing the Company’s brand equity as a result.

It is therefore, opportune that the theme for the 2019 event be: “A New Era of Corporate Responsibility & Activism”. The 2019 Global CSR Summit & Awards™ together with The Global Good Governance Awards™ will invite some of the thought leaders of our time from various industries to share some of the most innovative ideas for environmental protection and resilience, community empowerment, gender equality and workplace diversity, supply chain transparency, corporate transparency, brand activism and consumer data protection. Joined by hundreds of senior executives and CSR professionals from the region and the rest of the world at the relaxing setting of Pullman Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, this event promises to be an another unforgettable experience for all of you. Lastly, as always, we will conclude the conference with our signature touch on day two which will be a memorable eco tour of the mysterious and breathtaking sights of Sarawak.
See you my friends.

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