CSR 2018 Agenda

Day 1
19 Apr 2018
Day 2
20 Apr 2018
12:15 pm

Networking Luncheon & Exhibition Viewing

The Women Empowerment Panel : The Role Of Women In Society

– Are Women Ready To Take Masculinity Roles From Men? -Empowering Young Women – Developing Strong Thoughts In Girls -Cultivating A Strong Culture Of Women Empowerment In Your Company
Susie Beaumont
Melanie Masriel
Sophie Guerin
Angela Baker

Strategic Community Investment – How To Create A Viable & Sustainable Model With Large Scale Impact

-Can The Past Trends Of CSR Be Able To Work For Future Trends, Economics (Poverty), Education (Literacy), Social (Relief Aid) -What Else Can Be Done To Improve On Future CSR...
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4:05 pm

Afternoon Networking Refreshments & Exhibition Viewing